Precision Rifle#3

The goal of the SAFTEA's “Precision Rifle #3” 
course is to provide the student with challenges out to 1000 yards at unknown distance. These series of classes are not designed for the beginner rifle shooter.
This is not a defensive class.
A number of topics will be covered in “Precision Rife 3", this is mostly a range class.

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Topics include but are not limited to:

Precision Rifle 3 out to 1000 yards (Or max distance of range) unknown distance. 12+ hours*
  (depends on size and distance of range)P2

  • Angle shooting.
  • Unconventional positions.
  • Shooting from hides (hunting).
  • Use DOPE books and record new date.
  • Advanced team shooting.
  • Advanced Spotter/shooter communications.
  • Use of tripod and natural support
  • There are short breaks and a lunch break throughout both the
  • classroom session (very short classroom) and shooting range drills.
  • Must shoot and pass FBI qualification to pass

Length of Course: 16 Hours*.


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